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There are different agents used to clean a carpet at home or by professional carpet cleaning companies. Dirty and stained carpets can get cleaned with the application of these different cleaning compounds easily. However, not all cleaning agents are safe while cleaning a carpet, because some contain acidic compounds which can harm the carpet fibres too. Also, some can be really effective to remove the carpet stains. Hence, it is necessary to read all the products on which the proper cleaning tips are given below. Or, you can take help from a reliable and professional carpet cleaning service provider regarding cleaning agents and equipment.
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The Cleaning Compounds Used To Clean A Carpet Are:

♦ Abrasives

Abrasives are used for cleaning hard floors, scrubbing pans. But, while the carpet is being cleaned make sure that you scrub it gently so that you do not leave scratches on the carpet. This is very useful in cleaning the stubborn and deepened specks of dirt from your carpet surface.

♦ Acids

Acids should be used with care and instruction by professionals as they contain toxic compounds. The carpet fibres can be completely harmed by a large amount of acid poured on the carpets. It can harm both you and your carpet. Therefore, they should be used with the guidance of the experts. For more safety, you can avoid the use of acids because there are more alternatives for you.

♦ Disinfectant

The disinfectant is used to kill and extract harmful germs and also to prevent their growth. Dirty and stained carpets become home for a variety of germs and pathogens and the solution is the use of carpet disinfectant.

♦ Degreasers

Degreasers help by breaking down the oil and dirt to clean the grease and oil out of the carpet. We know that the use of water on oily and greasy stains can worsen the condition, and the degreasers will be the best choice in such a situation. They don’t infect the carpet. They can be used as a safe solution.

♦ Detergents

Most detergents should be diluted to clean the carpets before being used. These are great for removing dirt and stains of all types from the carpet. The detergents neither sanitize the carpet nor disinfect the carpet.

♦ Sanitisers

Sanitisers are also a good option which also cleans the stains and kills germs and gives a fresh look to the carpet and removes odours too. You can also buy carpet fibre specific sanitisers to make their use more effective and long-lasting.

♦ Carpet Stain Remover

There are carpet stain removal products available in the market for particular stains which quickly eliminates even stubborn stains from your carpets. But, be careful while using them because sometimes their use can discolour your carpet.

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