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It’s all fun and games until you spill wine on your white carpet while dancing around in your apartment living room with a glass of wine in your hand. That’s a stain that’ll never go away, so you can say goodbye to your security deposit.

Don’t lose hope just yet! While removing red wine can be a pain, with the appropriate approach, everything is possible. This applies to any common carpet stain, whether it’s pet urine or ink.

Common Carpet Stains
Common Carpet Stains

5 Most Common Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them?

1. Coffee

Allowing it to sit for too long will result in permanent yellowish-brown discolouration. Using paper towels, soak up as much of the spill as possible. Again, don’t scrub or you’ll aggravate the situation.

Spray the stain with the water-vinegar solution you just made. If necessary, you can also use a non-bleach detergent. Blot it up and sprinkle the area with baking soda after it has sat for a while.

2. Blood

The first thing you should do is give it a good squirt of cold water.

The discolouration will only get worse if you use warm or hot water. Create a solution of cold water and dish detergent once you’ve moistened the area.

Coat the stain completely and dab it dry. Rep this process until the blood is no longer visible.

3. Ink

Ink carpet stains are difficult to remove, but not impossible. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the affected area. If you don’t have any rubbing alcohol on hand, you can use hair spray or nail paint remover instead.

Allow one hour for whatever you decide to clean a carpet on the stain. Dab the stain up until the ink is no longer visible.

4. Gum

The gum-chewing does not leave a carpet stain, although it is unpleasant. You’ll need to freeze it with ice cubes, just like melted chocolate. Fill a bag with ice and place it on the carpet for 30 minutes.

You should be able to slowly pick at it from there without harming your carpet fibres. You can use hairspray instead of ice if you don’t have any on hand.

The most important thing is to be patient, regardless of which approach you use. You will damage your carpet if you try to expedite the scraping procedure.

5. Chocolate

Fortunately for you, it is the easiest stain to remove of all the ones on our list. First and foremost, you must freeze the chocolate using ice cubes.

You should be able to scrape away all of the chocolate once it has solidified. Unless the stain has already set in.

Spray the area with a solution of water and dishwashing liquid. Allow it to sit for a few moments before dabbing it away. This ought to suffice.


In the above article, we have listed the top 5 common carpet stains which can be encountered on your carpet. These carpet stains can be easily removed by following the simple steps which are mentioned in the article. You can even hire affordable carpet cleaning services in Pimpama for effective as well as quick results. With professional carpet cleaning services, you can enjoy numerous advantages for your carpets. Not only will carpets be left smelling fresh and looking like new, but the process also removes harmful dirt and dust from deep down in fibers to give your home a cleaner, healthier environment. Regular cleaning can even extend the life of your carpets, saving you money over time!